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A divorce should not result in financial suffering

Posted On February 8, 2018 In Alimony

While some people may believe that deciding to divorce is an easy choice, for many it is a difficult process that requires them to weigh a number of personal factors and options. A Phoenix resident may feel compelled to stay in a marriage for the sake of their kids or they may simply not be ready to give up on their relationship. For others, leaving a marriage may mean coming to terms with another difficult change in circumstances: a possible modification to one’s financial situation.

When two people divorce they must divide up their property and determine who shall own what once their marriage is over. Once their lives are split what they earn as income becomes their own, but for a spouse who is unemployed or who has not worked in many years the prospect of becoming self-supporting may be incredibly overwhelming. This is where alimony may come into play.

As previously discussed on this blog, alimony is the payment of money from one former spouse to the other. It can be paid for varying durations of time and in different amounts based upon the needs of the recipient spouse. Alimony should allow a recipient spouse to exist without experiencing financial suffering and near the standard of living that they enjoyed when they were married to their former partner.

Requesting alimony during a divorce is an important element of the legal process for many Arizona residents. In order to ensure that one’s alimony request is properly heard, a person filing for divorce should discuss their alimony needs with a trusted Chandler family law attorney. The Wilson-Goodman Law Group is available to support clients with their alimony needs and many other legal issues concerning divorce.