Upholding the Best Interests of You and Your Children

At Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, our Queen Creek and Gilbert child visitation lawyers represent numerous clients in many different scenarios. We can assist you if you are a:

  • A parent whose visitation rights are being violated by a former spouse or partner
  • A grandparent or other relative seeking visitation rights to your grandchild, nephew, etc.
  • A parent who wants to obtain a modification or prevent a modification to an existing parenting time agreement because of a parental relocation or other issue
  • A father who needs to file a paternity action to gain the legal right to parenting time and legal decision-making (custody)
  • Other situations involving parenting time and children.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, our experienced family law attorneys will listen attentively to your concerns, advise you of your rights under Arizona law and represent your interests. We have experience at the negotiating table and in the courtroom, and we will fearlessly and strategically pursue your goals.

Parent Education Requirement

When there are minor children, each parent will be required to complete the class referred to as the "Parent Information Program." This program explains the impact that divorce and changed family structures have on children. Divorcing parents, or unmarried parents establishing parental rights in court, must complete the program. If you do not attend as ordered, you can be denied Legal Decision-Making (Custody) or visitation.

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