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Gilbert Defective Product Attorney

You should be able to assume that the products you purchase from online retailers, pharmacies, grocery stores, specialty outlets and other shops are effective and safe. If you use the product in its intended manner, you should be able to expect that no harm will befall you. The same expectation should apply to products that you loan, purchase or use for commercial purposes.

All types of products should be both safe and reliable. Design and quality standards must ensure safety — regardless of the product’s price or whether the product belongs to a premium brand or a generic brand.

Unfortunately, the corporations do not always use caution to keep the consumer safe when designing, manufacturing and marketing their products. Too often, companies prioritize profit, and consumer health can fall by the wayside. Without paying attention to consumers’ safety, they are likely to create products that put families, children, older adults and others in harm’s way. Let an expert personal injury lawyer help you today!

Filing A Product Liability Claim in Arizona

Each year, manufacturers or government agencies recall thousands of products that are defective or unsafe. They may issue a recall because of a flaw in the design, a manufacturing error or the contamination of foods, medication or product materials. In some cases, they only realize the true danger after the product has been available to consumers for months or even years.

A product liability attorney can help you when a product causes personal injury or damage to a property by assessing the personal injury or damage done and then estimating the amount of money that the manufacturer or other party is liable for. Then the attorney will file a claim against the manufacturer, or the party responsible for the flaw in the product, to hold them liable for the injuries or damages incurred. A product liability attorney will gather evidence substantial enough to show that the product was indeed defective and present this evidence in court.

Types Of Product Liability Issues

Product liability cases may involve a long list of responsible parties or companies, but there are typically three different kinds of defective product cases:

  • Manufacturing defects: Defects that occur in the process of making the product (e.g. a faulty part in a car or a forgotten screw in a baby crib).
  • Design defects: Defects that are inherent to the product’s conception (e.g. failure to include an emergency stop button on a heavy machine).
  • Marketing defects: Failure to provide sufficient warning of the product’s potential danger or risk (e.g. lack of complete instruction manual or incomplete list of serious side effects).

In many defective product cases, it is up to the plaintiff to prove that the product in question is defective and unsafe. You need an experienced attorney to help you prove your case and secure the compensation that you deserve.

No one ought to be put at risk because of a dangerous or defective product. The attorneys at Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, represent individuals who have suffered a personal injury from a defective or dangerous product.

If you have experienced personal injuries, property damage or a substantial loss of income due to a defective product, contact us online or at(480) 503-9217 for an initial consultation.