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Chandler Prenuptial Agreements Attorney

Prenuptial agreements, often abbreviated to prenups, are not often considered when a couple decides to get married. They are not particularly romantic, but they should be considered by a couple as an added security measure as they build a future together. At Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, our Chandler prenuptial agreements attorneys are ready to get to work drafting your prenup. We will work to understand your priorities and needs to ensure you are taken care of.

Let Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC get to work

Marriage is a very personal experience. When you are about to enter into a marriage, you need an attorney with experience in family law to help draft your prenuptial agreement.

  • By nature, family law is an intimate field, and you need an attorney you can trust both personally and professionally.
  • Our team will take the time to get to know your needs and priorities to ensure the best outcome for you and your spouse.
  • Service is a hallmark of Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC. From prompt response to e-mails and phone calls, to clear and understandable communication about your prenup, you will receive the timely and personalized service that you need.

Why do you need an attorney to help create a prenup in Chandler?

Even though a prenup is not on the front of everyone’s mind when they are considering marriage, it should be. Drafting a prenuptial agreement needs to be precise. The details matter. A family law attorney with extensive experience will understand all aspects of these agreements and work to ensure you are protected. An attorney will:

  • Examine the needs of you and your spouse.
  • Discuss your plans for the future.
  • Draft an agreement that is suitable to all parties.
  • Ensure the agreement is properly filed.

How do prenuptial agreements work in Chandler, AZ?

The main benefit of prenuptial agreements is protection across a wide range of issues that can arise if a marriage is dissolved in the future. This can include protections with:

  • Fair division of marital property
  • Assets that you and your spouse had before marriage
  • Matters involving debt or creditors
  • Benefits, inheritance, and trusts that children from a prior relationship may claim

These agreements can include various other types of protections. When your attorney is drafting a prenup contract between you and your spouse, you can customize the terms according to your particular situation, needs, and goals.

Be aware that Arizona law does not allow issues of child support or child custody to be decided ahead of time. You also cannot include any items that are illegal, unenforceable, or grossly unfair to either spouse. If you are confused about what that may mean, your attorney will be able to guide you.

If you have an existing prenuptial agreement that you wish to modify after a marriage has begun, you can work with an attorney to do so correctly.

We are ready to get started with your prenuptial agreement today!

Getting a prenuptial agreement is not something that should be frowned upon. These agreements are designed to give both spouses a piece of mind going into a marriage. At Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, our qualified and experienced team is ready to help you draft your prenup in a way that meets your needs and priorities. When you need a Chandler prenuptial agreements attorney, you can contact us to schedule a one-on-one appointment to discuss your case by clicking here or by calling (480) 503-9217.