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Serious Brain Trauma, Coma And Other Brain Injuries

Brain trauma victims can have many different types of symptoms, such as difficulty reading, difficulty retaining information in short-term memory or long-term memory, headaches, mood swings, depression and personality changes. The brain injured person may not be able to go back to school or their job. They may require job retraining. A personal injury claim can cover the significant costs of these aftereffects.

Getting Adequate Compensation In Brain Injury Cases

At Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, we work with a variety of medical and rehabilitation experts to ensure that our clients obtain an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment in order to maximize their recovery. Brain and head injury cases typically take longer to heal. With a closed head injury, it can be six to 24 months before the brain has achieved the maximum physical recovery. The long healing period makes it particularly important that a case not be settled prematurely. Some personal injury firms will look at a closed head injury case and because of its difficulty, choose to settle it within the first six months. But the injured person may have many additional medical and rehabilitation expenses that must be covered by the settlement.

At Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, we do not rush to settle a case until our client is as fully rehabilitated as possible. We want to ensure that you receive all the money you or your loved one need to live as independently as possible and ideally to have a full recovery.

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