Providing Comprehensive Estate Planning Services For Complex Probate Matters

Probate is a legal process that handles distribution of an estate and occurs after a person has died. The probate process can be simple if the deceased person left a valid will, or it can be complicated if a person died without a will, without a valid will, or if people contest the will.

During the grieving process that follows the death of a loved one, allow us to help you with the task of probating a will. Call Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC for peace of mind that you are handling this process correctly: 480-359-1758, Toll Free: 800-409-2187. Or contact one of our Gilbert probate lawyers online.

Executor Of An Estate

A person who is appointed to ensure that a will is carried out is called an "executor." This person is usually a friend or family member, typically not an attorney. They may never have handled such a task before, so it can be very helpful if the executor has access to an attorney to help them understand their duties and responsibilities.

The executor will be responsible for:

  • Managing the estate of a person after death,
  • Collecting debts owed to the person,
  • Paying debts owed by the person,
  • Paying estate taxes,
  • Preparing tax filings, and then,
  • Distributing all remaining assets of money and property.

As an executor, you have legal responsibilities that you may not fully understand, particularly if the estate is large. The cost of legal advice can be covered by the estate, and you can be sure that you are handling the estate properly and avoid charges of mishandling.

Estate Administration

Sometimes family members are not capable of handling all the aspects of dividing an estate. The estate may be large and complex, it may not be advantageous to sell some assets right away, or the estate may be held in trust, requiring trust administration services.

We do a great deal of estate administration, both for in-state clients and out-of-state clients seeking an Arizona attorney to ensure that all probate details are handled in their absence.

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