What Our Clients Say

Up front with an accurate and courteous assessment of our situation. Would definitely recommend Attny William Trusler and his staff.


I had a very good experience with Wilson-Goodman law group. Angela's decades of knowledge in legal matters are invaluable when dealing with a difficult legal situation. She has put together an amazing team and with her experience at the core, has created an amazing group of capable attorneys.I spent over two years with Angela and her team. She was able to represent me through a difficult divorce with hostile attacks from the opposing lawyer. In court, I was relieved to have one of Angela's team representing me with calm, sincere and intelligent communication. During settlement meetings, Angela dominated the environment and led the way. She took advantage of a situation created by my ex-wife's lawyer and created a settlement meeting which caught the hostile lawyer off balance. Her ability to take advantage of that situation, which finally presented itself after years of careful defense, was amazing. In one 8 hour session, she was able to take the two years of work and create a settlement that met my needs. Two years earlier, I would have been begging the judge for fair treatment and getting none. Angela and her team helped me create the fair treatment that I deserved through careful choices. At times the situation required making sacrifices, like agreeing to a family evaluation. But in the end, those sacrifices helped gain leverage and legal equity that led to a settlement. During the actual settlement negotiations she was a force to be reckoned with. She also helped me determine what was important to me, including what I could give on a little to make the settlement work.Through all of this, Angela was fun to communicate with. She was witty, frank and often light-hearted. Angela is quick to the point and gives thoughtful, helpful answers to my inquiries. Angela's matter-of-fact, "tell it like it is" style was very refreshing and reassuring. She was quick to respond, even during the evening. I got answers when I needed them throughout the whole process.I needed Angela Wilson-Goodman law group and anything less then their experienced representation could have had such a negative impact on my life. The custody and time with my kids, retirement, equalization for the house and so much money lost in child support and property were all at stake and I could have lost so much. It was so close to being taken from me by an aggressive lawyer and a hapless court system with no understanding of my situation. The court would rule against me just to protect from the possibility that the false claims were true. I was on the edge and Angela Wilson-Goodman and her team fought with me and protected me from disaster. Thank you so much to Angela, Tiffany, Lisa, Haley and all the rest.

ZH (03-18-2019)

Tiffany Scott was my attorney during my divorce process, after having a conversation with her I was sure that I wanted her to represent me during this difficult process, she showed empathy during the process and also found her to be working in the best interest of me as client and my children.

She showed an excellent negotiating balancing the overall aspect of my divorce process that will not only meet my needs but also to make sure that I was making the right decision for now and for the future of my children.

I'm extremely satisfied with her legal representation will recommend her and also Lisa Spivey in the case that you need legal counsel regarding a family case and I just can't thank her enough.

Jose V. (01-30-2018)

Angela and her staff did an amazing job! She is very knowledgeable and was there for me every step of my divorce. Even afterwards, when I had questions. I highly recommend her and her staff!

Ashley L. (07-2017)

Tiffany Scott was not only my attorney, but also my listening ear and shoulder. She is knowledgeable, and truly cared about me, my childrens' care and my case. She was by my side for all of it over the entirety of my custody battles. She was always very present for me. I always received quick replies to calls or emails, and never once doubted her advice! She had a way of helping me weigh out my many options and what the benefits could be, all in a way that I could understand and easily achieve. I would have been a mess without her during my year and a half court needs. I will refer her to anyone and everyone in need of legal counsel. She saved me the time, stress and heartache of finding my way through the court system on my own. I felt prepared and confident because of her, and won my case.

Katherine M (06-13-17)

I have had a relationship with Wilson-Goodman Law Group for about 4 years. They are professional and supportive. They communicate and return messages timely. I highly recommend them and will continue to use them for all my legal needs.

J. Herz - Family Law (04-25-17)

I consider myself to be very blessed to have Tiffany Scott represent me. She was very knowledgeable about the law and helped win my case. Her arguments were strong enough that the court also award me attorney fees. I could not be more thrilled with the outcome and am so grateful for her efforts!

L. King - Child Support Modification (03-07-17)


You and your staff are awesome.

P.F. - Divorce client (09-19-16)

Defense and Probation

★★★★★ In short, Ms Bhaga's abilities, both in preparation and in court proved immeasurable and invaluable. My case could have resulted in such server penalties however her skill, professionalism, and her interpersonal skills resulted in the most favorable results. You're always told you have rights. You're regularly told, you should get an attorney..., regardless of your actions, an attorney is necessary...., however the attorney you select can also make the a difference - Ms Bhaga made the difference. After her success in my case, I also experienced genuine joy from her for how the outcome affected me and my family..., not one sense that she was celebrating her success . I would recommend this bright and dedicated attorney to my best of friends.

Anonymous review posted on September 22, 2016

Prior to hiring Tiffany Scott to assist with my child custody case, I had a total of 15 consultations with attorneys from all over the valley. I felt confident with my decision to move forward with Tiffany for many reasons. The #1 reason was because I felt she was the most genuine and transparent about my options and possible outcomes, while others pretended they could guarantee the outcomes I wanted, which you find out very quickly into a family law case that it is not possible. At every stage of the process, Tiffany took the time to provide me with every possible scenario so that I could make the decision I felt was best for myself and my son. It was critical to me to always have a realistic picture of what I was getting into and what it meant for my son's future relationship with me and with his father.

Another reason I appreciate working with Tiffany so much is because she immediately provided tips on how to save money on unnecessary attorney costs, such as minimizing emails and phone call costs by asking as many questions as possible at once. As a single mother, saving costs was very important to me and other attorneys I had consultations with suggested to immediately pursue temporary orders, which ultimately would have been a costly and unnecessary step in my case. Additionally, there were not any minimum hours billed for physical court appearances while one attorney I spoke with charged a minimum of 3 hours for court appearances.

A 3rd reason I loved working with Tiffany is because of her timely response to my emails and phone calls; and her clear, detailed and effective communication, which I felt ultimately saved me costs by minimizing back and forth emails or calls.

I could go on for a few more paragraphs on why I will undoubtedly hire Tiffany again and refer Tiffany to anyone looking for a family law attorney.

P.T. - Custody client

★★★★★ Highly recommend Angela and her team. Good communication, sound advice and counsel - a real advocate for her clients. She was referred to me by someone who had gone through the process previously, and knew that her firm would be a "good fit" for my situation. Guess what? I owe him a beer for the referral! Now that it's "over", I can look back and honestly say I made the "right" choice in choosing Wilson-Goodman Law Group.

DK - divorce client

★★★★★ Truly amazing!! Aarti, Angela and the entire team at Wilson-Goodman were beyond exceptional. They treated me and my family with compassion and gave our case personal, professional attention resulting in the perfect outcome. Couldn't have asked for more and would recommend this firm to anyone in need of a competent and caring legal team.

D.G. - Family Law Client

What can I say? Divorce sucks! Nobody likes to go through it. But if you do, I highly recommend Angela and her team. Very professional, sympathetic to your needs, and an absolute pleasure to work with. All paperwork, and other related items to my case were done in a timely and efficient manner. Angela had some great insight in the beginning of it all and helped me move forward throughout the whole process. I also worked with Dawn over there as well and she was very down to earth and helped make the process even easier. Thanks to all of you!!

S.W. - Family Law Client

Yes, finally I have been waiting for this day to come. Thank you so much for everything. I still can't believe what a huge relief this is. I am glad that our family friends highly recommended your law firm.. I will definitely recommend your firm to family, friends, coworkers.


★★★★★ Excellent Family Lawyer


★★★★★ Tiffany was very responsive to my questions and sensitive to my situation. She was always very prepared, professional, and timely. I would recommend her to anyone dealing with child custody/support.

★★★★★ Awesome


Tiffany was so helpful with everything, always keeping contact with me, keeping me updated at every step, advised me perfectly, and affordable! Will recommend her and the firm to anyone I know that needs help!

★★★★★ Great attitude

She made my case so easy, I almost forgot I had a case! I had absolutely no worries with her. She took care of everything so well that I didn't have time for concern. As I was going through a difficult divorce, she guided and I followed. I was completely lost. I thank you so much Tiffany Scott for you help and guidance.

★★★★★ Great and efficient

Great Lawyer. She was efficient and answered all questions I had. She explained the entire process and also provided me with wonderful advice. Would use her services again if needed.

Outstanding family law practice. Angela is the best!!!

J.H. - Family Law Client

Fortunately I do not have extensive litigation experience to compare my services to, but in my opinion Angela the handled my case perfectly. Everything she submitted to the courts was well written, with case law cited and logic flawless. My emails are typically answered within the same business day by herself or her paralegal, and everyone else in both offices were always polite and friendly. Thanks again.

S.S. - Family Law Client

★★★★★ Great and efficient. Great Lawyer. She was efficient and answered all questions I had. She explained the entire process and also provided me with wonderful advice. Would use her services again if needed.

Angela and Dawn did an awesome job with my divorce case. The only problem I had was not listening to Angela from the beginning. I negotiated with the ex at the beginning of the divorce thinking it would be quicker and less costly. As time went on the ex didn't hold up her end and it cost much more to correct the mistake. Angela made sure I did not give up any child custody rights and that the assets were fairly divided. Dawn makes Angela look good preparing the tons of documents making them fingertip ready for court cases - a great team. Angela has high integrity and I strongly recommend her.

C.M. - Divorce Client

You and your team are ROCK STARS! Thank you, Angela - appreciate you all!

DK - Divorce Client

Thank you very much. This has been a long journey for us and I'm so glad we made this journey with you and your office.

Bankruptcy client

I give your firm's name to every person I hear needs an attorney!

Kevin H.

This has been a profound learning experience. We are so glad this is now behind us. Thank you and the Wilson-Goodman team for everything. Best regards,
Maria B
Bankruptcy client

★★★★★ Outstanding service! Shasta guided us from pt A to Z; Our confidence in our case grew more and more each day; She felt more as a trusted family member than anything! Thank you so much for taking care of us and truly fighting for the best interest in our daughter.

★★★★★ I cannot put into enough words how happy I am with the results I received with Tiffany Edwards. We were living in Texas and came back to Arizona to deal with an unreal situation involving my son. We had confidence from the first time my wife and I spoke with but from there the results kept getting better. Tiffany is one of the best paralegals I have dealt with. She ensured that we were always in the know of the most current news with our case and always letting us know what needed to be done to keep us in line with legal requirements for the court. If you want to deal with a team that isn't just about the money, but also heartfelt involvement in helping you get the best results possible- look no further and start right here. Again we can't thank you guys enough!!

Undra T

★★★★★ Shasta Nolte is not only an amazing Attorney but a quality person who is not only smart and tough when she needs to be with your best interest but a kind and compassionate person as well. She stands put far beyond an attorney I have ever delt with I would recommend Shasta to all of you and anyone that asks me! Cheers to Texas for bring Arizona Shasta! 5 Stars for Shasta!!!

Thank you again for all the wonderful things you have said and done to get me through this horrible chapter in my life. I think the angels led me to you, and I would have lost everything without you.


I can't say enough good things about Shasta and the team at Wilson-Goodman. I was drowning in an impossibly hard season in my life and Shasta walked me through step by step and explained to me the whole process so I knew what to expect. She was very professional, she worked with what I could afford financially and I can breath again knowing that she helped me face and handle everything I needed to move forward. Tiffany also was especially helpful and kept me updated until the very end. I would highly recommend Shasta to anyone and everyone who would ask. Very successful, very happy!! Thanks ladies!


I want to sincerely thank you and Angela for making this bankruptcy process so easy for us. You guys rock! Thank you so much!!


THANK YOU so much to both you and Angela our family appreciates all your ladies work in the past few days. you girls are the best.

That is awesome... You and your team are wonderful. This was such an easy experience.

Thank you for everything.

Jay P

Just wanted to thank you for representing my mother in the guardianship case regarding my sister Mamie. I'm very happy with the outcome. Be blessed. (view card)


I am very pleased to offer this testimonial for Attorney Angela Wilson-Goodman.

Not long ago Mrs. Wilson-Goodman represented me in a very hotly contested divorce. The biggest point of contention was visitation with our minor child. My ex-wife was offering very minimal visitation and I simply wanted a fair and equitable amount of visitation time.

Mrs. Wilson-Goodman proved to be a very staunch supporter of father's rights as she very effectively and aggressively fought for my rights as a father and ultimately the Court ordered what we considered a fair and equitable visitation schedule.

Another thing I experienced while represented by Mrs. Wilson-Goodman, was the fact that she took the time to get to know you and treated you like a person, not just another case file.

Mrs. Wilson-Goodman's office staff has always been very courteous and professional and the billing has always been accurate.

I would heartily recommend Mrs. Wilson-Goodman, especially to father's who want fair visitation schedules as she is a very strong advocate of father's rights.

Andrew M. Kohly

My husband first entered Angela Wilson-Goodman's office frantic over his divorce going to court without anyone representing him. She kindly listened to his situation and bravely took his case. She heard what my husband was had to say about the personality of his ex-wife and what led up to the divorce and that this was going to be a hard case. She did not shrink back from the challenge. I feel that if my husband would have had Angela for his attorney from the beginning of the divorce, much angst could have been avoided and thousands of dollars could have been saved.

My husband's first attorney listened to what he said, but did not hear him. His case proceeded as though it was not any different than any other amicable divorce case. Direction was given and decisions were made during the process that set this highly contested divorce to be as difficult as my husband had expected. Six months later, the exasperated attorney wanted my husband to give into all of the ex-wife's demands just to get it over with.

I would recommend Angela Wilson Goodman to anyone needing a great divorce attorney, but especially for anyone who knows that the divorce will be an extremely difficult process. Angela truly listens to her clients and their needs. She is honest about her expectations and potential outcomes. She does not back down from a hard fight. If there are children involved, she is a devoted advocate to provide what is in the child's best interest. Angela is responsive to her clients. Angela prepares her clients for what to expect. Angela is knowledgeable about her case law and is very effective in the court room.

She and her staff provide world class quality customer service. An example of this was when my husband's ex-wife refused to exchange the child per the divorce decree for Christmas vacation. Another game was being played to reduce the amount of time that the child was with Father. This occurred on a Friday night and the police were involved and so rather than be arrested, my husband gave up his visitation time over the weekend. Mother stated that the Christmas break did not start, per the school schedule until Monday. The next day that Court was open, Angela sat in the courthouse all day waiting to see the judge for emergency orders. The judge decided that Father should have had that parenting time.

We experienced nothing but the best service and advocacy from Angela Wilson-Goodman and recommend her to anyone needing a divorce attorney.

Shirley A. Kohly

I want to inform you that Nicole and William did a wonderful job. They made me feel everything was always under control. You have a good staff and i just wanted to let you know.

Thank You


Bob and I (senior citizens) have always paid our bills on time, our credit score always high. Our business setbacks, home and car repairs, family expenses, economic downturn snowballed, until one day we were standing on a financial abyss. We did the math, prayed and called Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC. Thanks to their staff, they put us back together again and today we are debt & worry free. First they did not make us feel like second class citizens because we had all this debt. (Already felt enough guilt for that) instead they offered options on how it could be resolved. They have this dialed! Their process was easy to follow; they made themselves available for all our questions (special thanks to Tony). There were no surprises or hidden costs. Everything progressed as they said it would, and they were with us every step of the way. We are truly blessed to have come across this law firm at the time in our life when our need was so great.

Truly thankful,

Bob & Georgia

Filing for bankruptcy is one of the most difficult financial decisions a family can make. We are grateful to our attorney and especially Tony our paralegal who guided and advised us every step of the way. They listened to our concerns and made a difficult situation bearable. Thank you for everything!!

Dawn A.

I have been very happy with Wilson-Goodman and Fong. In the last few years, I have used their services for bankruptcy, criminal and probate issues. I have accessed different attorneys from the group in each situation. All three were very astute, caring and compassionate individuals who quickly put you at ease with whatever concerns/questions you may have. I especially have a place in my heart for a wonderful paralegal named Nicole Baxter. She has helped me through thick and thin and always responded to my numerous calls and ALWAYS had an answer for me or put me in touch with who I needed to talk to. I don't think I would have made it through these last few difficult years without her! Thank you for allowing me to acknowledge this outstanding law practice and their excellent work.

Sally G.


I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful Tony Ramos is. When I first began going through the process of filing bankruptcy, I was overwhelmed. I was scared and had been misinformed about several things. When I met Tony, he was so knowledgeable and reassuring, I left our first meeting feeling like things really were going to be okay. Every question, concern and worry I had he addressed quickly. He was invaluable in the process. It has been several months since my case has closed and still things come up sometimes, a creditor that hasn't gotten notice or something like that. I contact Tony and although my case is over, he still provides the information I need. I just thought you should know what a fantastic job he did. Your future clients will be lucky to have him work on their cases. Thank you for all your firm did for me.


Jennifer T.

Thank you so much for listening to my case and giving me advice. I really appreciate the time you took to talk with me about my options. I was able to secure a lawyer from the list of medical malpractice lawyers that you sent me. Thank you so much for listening and giving me options when so many lawyers and legal secretaries were simply turning me away.


You are AMAZING!!! Great job. I will be by at noon today with signed affidavit (notarized) and with the check I mentioned last week.

Bob E.

Thanks for helping us Terry. You restore my battered faith in humanity.



I echo Ahmad in thanking you for the good work you provided us. Thank you and best regards.

Hassan H.

Dear Terry,

Thank you for your diligent hard work. We appreciate your service for us.

Best regards. - Ahmad A.

Thanks for your effort in solving this dilemma without further compensation. You will get my business (If any) in the future and recommendation to friends/family in need.

Jim C.

You have done a great job and very insightful in your approaches. If I made any good choices in this whole affair it was retaining your services.

Robert E.

Dear Terry,

It is with great pleasure that I offer my congratulations on your selection as one of Arizona's Finest Lawyers. This singular honor reflects your commitment to advancing the rule of law in Arizona. Based on a peer-reviewed nomination, the Executive Board selected you because of your demonstrated record of high achievement, excellent legal skills, and a well-earned reputation for integrity. We are thrilled to include you in our new online biographical database. Please check your bio sketch on the site. ( www.azfinestlawyers.org)

Gary S.

Dear Mr. Fong,

I want to express my gratitude for your help back in August last year regarding the short sale of my property. You were extraordinarily kind, compassionate, and patient. You not only answered all my questions and more, but also addressed my distress and offered clear, detailed solution. The property is now successfully sold and transaction closed. Your advice was instrumental in helping me with decision making in the process. Thank you for being such an extraordinary professional and human being.


I would highly recommend Angela precisely because she doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. Instead, she gives legal advice in a refreshingly honest and straightforward way so that you know better what to expect and how to deal with what is often such a complicated and unpleasant process.

I sought her counsel in a legal decision-making (child custody) and support matter and it was obvious from the beginning that she knew what she was talking about and was comfortable and confident in guiding me through the process. She's sharp as a tack too, especially about family law, and it shows. With her many years of experience, professionalism, and straightforward approach, I wouldn't hesitate trusting Angela again should I ever need legal advice again in the future.

Angela handled my divorce after an agreement fell through with my ex. She had to fight false accusations against me, and with her research, knowledge, and effort, proved everyone of them to be false. Feels much more like a friend that is in your corner, rather than an attorney.

As far as being in front of the judge, Angela was excellent in trial, and made my time on the stand extremely easy by having me totally prepared and at ease.

I would recommend Angela to anyone who really wants an attorney to go to bat for them, while still trying anything to keep costs down.

I found Ms. Wilson professional, well informed and highly motivated. She took the time to explain the choices available at any given time and provided answers to all questions. She practices law with a passion and dedication.

Angela is the right mix of objective, aggressive and professional. She handled a high conflict family custody case for us and I do not regret one minute of her help. Not only is Angela great at what she does and worth every dollar, she is also very fair with regard to fees. She guides her client appropriately and respects a clients' wishes, letting the client know options, how much each option will cost and the strategy for the options. Angela would give us the option to do some of the research, transcriptions, etc, on our own, to save fees, which left her to handle the true legal part of the case, which is what she was hired to do. Angela is great at sifting through BS and being objective. She is also great in court, if your case goes in that direction.

Angela and her staff at Wilson-Goodman and Fong have been exceptional. I have had the opportunity to work with just a couple of other attorney's and she by far has been the best. I would and have recommended her and her amazing staff to numerous others for family law situations. Angela has been very objective and remained focused on the end goal. Her determination. professionalism and perseverance has shown throughout the whole process from start to finish. Angela and her staff remain organized and on top of things at all times and I would not trust or go with any other attorney in the state of AZ. Thank you Angela for all of your hard work in doing what you do best!

Wilson-Goodman Law Group we would like to thank you and your staff for helping us though out our journey to ensure the safety and security of my three young children. When my ex wife and I were divorced years ago we agreed to have joint custody with her as the primary custodian. Approx 2 years later my children were showing signs of abuse physically and emotionally as well as signs of neglect while visiting with us. My ex wife had made changes and many lifestyle choices ultimately effecting my children. My new wife had worked for a shelter with several resources and believed it would be useful to ensure their safety. After all the doors closed with no success we were very discouraged and felt as though we were victim of an unsuccessful system. We decided to obtain your services and for the first time someone sincerely listened, cared and gave us hope. Wilson-Goodman Law Group were very professional and treated us with respect during a very hard and stressful time, and was awarded custody of my children. I have continued to need their services with ongoing custody issues over the years and have always found them to be very honest and strait forward always looking out for my best interests. I trust that I will always get nothing but the best when needing the services of Wilson-Goodman Law Group.

First of all, thank you again for the phenomenal job in court yesterday. I will smile at the last portion of your closing argument for a long time. I know I'm not your only client, but you make it seem so, and for that I am truly grateful.

Take care,



Thank you and Kim and the legal team at Wilson-Goodman and Fong for all the work you did in solving a complicated legal problem on our behalf. We are very pleased that you were on our side throughout this whole ordeal. We will gladly recommend you as a serious and dedicated attorney who is genuinely concerned about his clients.

Best wishes in all your endeavors,

Aurora and Pablo

Hi Angela,

I am so thrilled about the hearing. I really appreciate all your hard work, I think you did awesome. You kept to our points so much better than opposing. Needless to say, I was very, very pleased with the outcome. It went a lot better than expected. So anyways, thank you very much.

Stacie T.


That's great! Thank you for your continued efforts with these shady HOA's who prey on the financially weak with their blatant disregard of the law. Your firm exemplifies what a client-lawyer relationship should be before, during, and after!!

Take care,

Bruce W.

A huge thank you to each of you - You were so wonderful through this process!



I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you. Thanks for all the help and support through this difficult time. You really have a way with making me feel better. Also wanted to let you know that the person I talked to in your office yesterday was very kind and professional. Feel confident that we made a good decision with you and your law firm.

M. Hill


Scott did an excellent job for us today in court! I wanted to tell both of you THANK YOU! I will not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends!

Timm W.

Wow I'm so glad it's over, you guys rock! Thanks so much for everything, you and Angela got me thru this whole ordeal with compassion and patience and I appreciate it so much. I would gladly recommend you and your firm to anyone looking for legal help.

Jan G.

Also thank you all for helping us out and making this experience a pleasant one under the circumstances, we appreciate it!


Craig & Stacy P.

Dear Amy,

This note is for your manager, please forward it. Thanks.

I am complimenting Amy for the excellent work that she did for me. When I came to her I was anxious and concerned; she assured me that everything was going to be O.K. She demonstrated a concern for me and led me through the process. The results are exactly what I had asked for and I am pleased and relieved. Please know that Amy did what was needed.

Thank you,

Phil Holliday

No problem. I was very happy with your firm. Thanks again.

Brian I.

Also, thank you very much for all the work you put into emailing me the medical documents. You are a very astute and professional representation of your firm. I enjoy working with you immensely.

Have a super afternoon!!


I have total trust in you and your team.

Charles Nelson


I was so pleased with the services of Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC I went through a very unpleasant divorce and acquired a lot of debt from my ex-husband. My wages were garnished. I was in a dire financial situation. I called Angela Wilson-Goodman. I had an appointment right away. I was pleasantly surprised with the sensitivity and professionalism in how my interview and my case was handled. I always received the best care and consideration concerning my case, and everything was explained to me in terms I could understand.

I would absolutely recommend this law firm for anyone who needs legal advice. My heartfelt thanks to this office for helping me get my life back!



Thanks Kimberly, working with your firm was a great experience & I'll highly recommend to friends. You guys keep up the great work.

Sam Cutruzzula

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to share with you what an incredible Attorney you have in Scott Stewart. Recently, Scott handled a "Step Parent Adoption" for our family, the Leckeys. It was a terribly emotional situation and we had several complicating circumstances that Scott handled with extreme attention to detail.

Scott, while highly professional, made our family feel like he was a long time family friend, familiar with our situation, not a hired attorney. Scott, at many times during this case, shared both laughter and tears with us. He spent time getting to know us, and our children as well. It is truly because of Scott that we were able to both successfully terminate parental rights and progress on with the adoption.

Thank you for allowing such a genuine, caring, kind, compassionate man to handle our family case. We found Scott to be a thankfully rare exception to his profession. We were also quite impressed with his assistant, Andrea. Andrea never ceased to amaze us in her prompt responses. She always returned phone calls and could be contacted for any questions. She even made sure we knew when she was leaving town in case we had any problems or emergencies while she was gone.

Please know that we will continue to share our amazing experience with your firm and refer the firm every chance we get. In a world where there is so much sadness in Family Law, working with your firm, Scott and Andrea, it has been a pleasure and a life changing experience for our family.

With respect and gratitude,

The Leckey Family
Scott, Cyndi, Kapono & Pukalani