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Providing Comprehensive Estate Planning Services For Complex Probate Matters

The purpose of probate is to distribute the assets of an estate after the owner of that estate has died. If the decedent had a valid will at the time of their passing, probate can be a simple process. However, probate can become more complicated when there is no will, there is a will that is invalid, or a valid will is contested.

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What Are The Duties Of The Executor Of An Estate?

An executor is a person who is appointed to oversee the probate and estate administration process for a specific estate. A friend or family member typically serves as the executor for their loved one’s estate. Because most executors are accepting these responsibilities for the first time, seeking legal counsel to learn about their role is often beneficial.

The duties of the executor of an estate include:

  • Managing the estate and its assets, including providing property maintenance
  • Settling debts owed to and by the decedent
  • Paying estate taxes
  • Preparing tax filings
  • Distributing money, property and other assets remaining in the estate

Fulfilling your duties as an executor can be difficult — especially if the estate has a high value or unique types of assets. Luckily, the cost of legal advice can be covered by the estate, and you can be sure that you are handling the estate properly and avoid charges of mishandling.

Estate Administration

In many cases, the family members of a person who has passed away are not fully equipped to manage the complexities or size of that person’s estate. Knowing how to maintain, secure and distribute assets can be challenging. If the estate is held in trust, the family might need a lawyer to help them with trust administration services. We have extensive estate administration experience, and we are ready to help in-state clients as well as out-of-state clients who need a qualified attorney to help them manage an Arizona estate.

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