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Facing Probation Violation?

In Arizona, a probation violation occurs when someone fails to comply with the terms of probation that the judge ordered. The specific terms of probation vary from case to case, but the rules that are set must be followed exactly for the entire length of the probation sentence. Penalties for a probation violation can include jail time, increased fines, additional hours of community service and other negative consequences.

If you have been accused of violating the terms the judge set for you, the Gilbert probation violation lawyers at Wilson-Goodman Law Group, PLLC, are here to help. We are trial attorneys who are not afraid to forcefully advocate for your rights and pursue a positive resolution to the charges against you.

Types Of Probation Violations In Arizona

Depending upon the specific terms of the probation, a violation may happen when someone:

  • Skips a drug test or tests positive
  • Drinks alcohol
  • Commits a new crime
  • Fails to perform community service
  • Does not appear in court when scheduled
  • Contacts someone he or she was ordered to avoid
  • Does not complete counseling
  • Fails to pay court fines or restitution
  • Does not check in with his or her probation officer
  • Takes off a security monitoring device
  • Ignores a court order

How We Can Help

As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we know how to present the reasons behind the act prompting the alleged violation in a way that helps the judge and prosecution understand your side of the story. Our goal is to maximize your chances of a successful criminal defense case by clearly explaining the circumstances. Sometimes it is possible to resolve the issue without even having a probation violation hearing. If there is a hearing, however, we will represent you vigorously in court.

Turn To Our Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers

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