Compassionate And Experienced Wrongful Death Counsel

While no human life can simply be defined by a monetary value, if you lose a treasured family member you deserve to be reimbursed for the loss of income, support, and companionship that the person provided to you and your family.

A "wrongful death" occurs when a person is killed due to the wrongful act, neglect, or fault of another individual, company, or entity. Such wrongful death cases may arise in a number of different contexts including auto accidents, accidents caused by unsafe property conditions, accidents caused by unsafe or defective products, and medical malpractice. In fact, a wrongful death lawsuit can arise in all events where a person is careless and where this failure to exercise care results in an accident causing the death of the victim.

The goal of a wrongful death case is to compensate the victim's survivors and family for their loss.

The following types of damages are considered in a wrongful death case:

  • Sorrow, mental anguish, including the loss of companionship, comfort, and guidance.
  • The expected loss in income of the person who died.
  • The expected loss of services, protection, care, and/or assistance which the person who died provided to the survivors/beneficiaries.
  • Expenses for the care, treatment, and hospitalization of the person who died related to the injury resulting in death.

In times of grief, it is obviously difficult for family members to understand the importance of a prompt investigation of the circumstances leading up to the death of a loved one, as well as the proper preservation of evidence and timely identification of responsible parties.

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