Dissolving Same-Sex Marriages

The steps toward dissolving a same-sex marriage are the same as any other legally recognized marital union in Arizona. When one or both partners in the marriage decide they want a divorce or dissolution of marriage, the first step is usually to separate. This does not always have to happen, but it gives the couple time to determine if dissolution of the marriage is really for them. A legal separation allows the couple to act and live as though they were divorced, minus the technicality of being officially divorced.

Some same-sex couples may determine a legal separation is not for them and instead will move forward immediately to the next step: a petition for dissolution with the relevant family law court in their district. Because the laws validating same-sex marriage are relatively new, dissolution of some same-sex marriages may pose unique or complicated legal issues, not otherwise found when dissolving heterosexual marriages, especially when children of the union are involved, or where the parties previously entered into a domestic partnership, cohabitation agreement, civil union, or even if they lived in a state that recognized common law marriages. An experienced family law attorney in Arizona can handle this and all of your other same-sex dissolution of marriage issues.

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Are You Ready To Petition For A Same-Sex Dissolution Of Marriage?

There are many reasons why a same-sex married couple may determine divorce is the right step. Some couples can never give a reason for why they are getting a divorce. However, this does not matter in the eyes of the law. Fault is not a factor in Arizona. Instead what matters is whether a divorce is uncontested or contested.

In an uncontested divorce, both parties in the same-sex marriage are seeking the divorce and have reached a decision on all issues. The agreement is filed with the court and the divorce is usually more efficient and cost-effective for all parties involved.

In a contested divorce, one or both parties in the same-sex marriage are not in agreement with all divorce issues. Whether this is due to alimony, child support or another divorce issue, this can lead to continued negotiations and sometimes same-sex divorce litigation.

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